Here is a quick tour of Charleston Family Martial Arts

Here is a quick tour of Charleston Family Martial Arts

Step into the vibrant martial arts world with Charleston Family Martial Arts, where we specialize in American Freestyle Karate. Our unique approach blends techniques from various martial arts disciplines, carefully curated into a cohesive program. Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese/Okinawan karate and taekwondo, Kung Fu, jujitsu, muay Thai, krav maga, boxing, and weapons training, American Freestyle Karate offers an immersive and diverse experience.

With guidance from our experienced instructors, you'll build a strong foundation while exploring the excitement of multiple martial arts forms. Join us and uncover the dynamic world of American Freestyle Karate, where your potential knows no bounds in our supportive and engaging environment.

Meet Our Instructors

Our school provides qualified, knowledgeable instructors who offer each student an atmosphere of co-operation and fair play.

Emily Lyon

Founder / Program Director
3rd Degree Black Belt in American Freestyle Karate

Her presence exudes a blend of humility and confidence, a testament to her dedication and mastery. With precise yet fluid movements, she embodies the essence of her art, guiding her students with gentle yet firm wisdom. Emily's instruction extends beyond technique; she instills values of respect and perseverance, shaping her students into not just skilled martial artists, but also disciplined individuals. As a beacon of inspiration, she empowers her students to embark on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking their boundless potential under her tutelage. In Emily's dojo, the path to mastery is not just about physical prowess, but also about cultivating the inner strength to overcome life's challenges with grace and resilience.

Philip Dees

Founder / Chief Instructor
3rd Degree Black Belt in American
Free Style Karate

Meet Philip Dees, a titan in the realm of martial arts and a beacon of discipline and excellence. As the esteemed founder and chief instructor of his own dojo, Philip's mastery extends far beyond his titles. With a third-degree black belt in American Freestyle Karate and over 12 years of martial arts experience, his expertise is unparalleled.
Philip's journey to mastery however didn't begin in the dojo—it was forged in the crucible of the United States Marines, where he spent and dedicated six years to service, earning a black belt in Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP).

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Why the Summerville Community Loves

Our Martial Arts Classes

Lacie Gooch recommends Charleston Family Martial Arts

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Started my kids here a few months back and the change in their behavior and respect level is incredible. Have great instructors here who really know how to communicate with all different types of personalities, I have so much respect for what they do. Thank you Ms.Lyons and Mr.Dees

Harry Chazen recommends Charleston Family Martial Arts

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Great place and great instructors! Very knowledgeable and they make it feel like a family atmosphere. I absolutely recommend this place. Five stars for sure. They teach children respect and positivity.

Shannon Montero recommends Charleston Family Martial Arts

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Love it here! We tried another place prior but once we tried out CFMA we were hooked!

It’s all because of Ms. Lyon + Mr. Dees. They have set up an amazing environment and are exceptional teachers and role models. My daughters are learning valuable life skills, healthy habits, gaining confidence, and having fun while doing it. I’ve even joined into the class and it's super fun...we now have a new family hobby! I love how the classes include both parents and kids / teens so that everyone can learn alongside each other.

Best decision of 2024 was joining this karate fam!

Matt Lindsey recommends Charleston Family Martial Arts

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Since enrolling my son in CFMA, I have noticed a huge build up of confidence, and a greater ability to follow directions.

Kevin Brophy recommends Charleston Family Martial Arts

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Highly recommend Charleston Family Martial Arts. Our youngest goes here despite her brothers going through another system. Reason why? The instructors! She fell in love with Ms Lyons from the first minute of the preview class. She made up her mind from there and doesn’t want to turn back. They teach more then kicking. The discipline taught by Mr Dees and Ms Lyon is second to none. If you have any doubts, go meet them in person and try out a class. Kids will come out with discipline and respect, but most of all confidence within themselves to defend and move forward in life.

Erin Garrett recommends Charleston Family Martial Arts

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My son loves the teachers and the experience at Charleston Family Martial Arts! We highly recommend them!

More Confidence. More Focus. Get Fit.

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